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About Forest Leopard International Logistics Co.

We provide comprehensive international cargo-to-delivery services so that you don’t have to lift a finger on the receiving end and can truly enjoy your life.


Our company was founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, with a deep understanding of the challenges of starting a business from scratchWe serve hundreds of small to midsize businesses every month, offering expertise in every step of international e-commerce with a dedicated team. Our journey began in 2010 when Simon and his classmates, studying international trade, had a vision fueled by their passion for their majors and optimism about China’s trade potential. This marked the start of Simon’s entrepreneurial journey.


Initially, we primarily collaborated with domestic clients in China, acting as a logistics conduit. Gradually, we formed partnerships with major airlines and global shipping conglomerate, steadily expanding our operations. However, a turning point came when a foreign acquaintance faced difficulties when purchasing goods from China, including scams, poor product quality, high shipping costs, and lack of cargo insurance.


Hearing these grievances, we recognized the need to address these challenges and provide a more secure payment system, superior service, transportation insurance, and a reliable platform. This prompted us to extend our logistics and transportation services to foreign sellers, continuously refining our offerings.

As time went on, we realized that many small and medium-sized foreign clients required seamless door-to-door service instead of collecting goods at the port upon arrival, which was inconvenient for them. This led us to establish dual door-to-door service channels, including all the convenience and freedom small business owners need including cargo procurement, cargo inspections, customs documentations, shipping arrangement, tax clearance, end-point delivery, etc.

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Working with Vicky was really smooth sailing! Reliable and excellent service. Vicky Jin provided really great service! I would recommend using them. Thank you, Vicky, for your dedicated work and service!

Luca S***el
Amazon Seller, Germany

I have been using services of Forest Leopard with the help of Anna Zhou and I always had great experience with them. Anna is highly cooperative person and she knows how to serve her clients.

Amazing people, amazon service.

Highly recommended!

Private Label Owner, California US

Wayne is terrific👍 I am a new Amazon seller and I was very nervous choosing my freight forwarder. I couldn’t be happier with my decision, Forest Leopard was amazing, great communication, price , service and the best thing my merchandise arrived before the day that I was expecting!

No issues at all.

I will use them again!

Blenda Se****ic
Online Decor Store Owner, Sweden
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