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1.What Can Your Company Do if My Cargo is Damaged During Transit?

With our GuardianShield ™ Cargo Insurance Programme, you will be compensated on 110% of your entire cargo value. Yes, We Do Care About Your Time And Your Money!

2.Air Shipping is Way Too Expensive, Do you Have Any Other Affordable Options?


Wanna Pay Less for Air-Shipping?

Now you Can. We cooperate with major airlines around the globe to make sure that your air delivery fee will be 20% to 40% less than your competitors with air cargo solution.

3.What Services Do you Offer and What Makes Your Company Unique?

Did you know?

That the term “port” originates from the Latin word “portus,” meaning harbor or HAVEN?

And it is our lifelong mission to take care of everything for you from loading, shipping arrangement, cargo inspection, import & export documentations, port-side loading and unloading , order fulfillment, to door-to-door delivery, etc. granting you the lifestyle and FREEDOM you truly deserve.

4.How Do You Handle Any Potential Delays or Issues that May Arise During the Shipping Process?

Per your request we can definitely arrange the quickest shipping option in accordance with your needs. However, in order to find the balance between shipping cost and time efficiency, our professional pit-crew on the ground also offers free cargo loading on docks to beat the congestion and frequent port labor shortages

5.What are the Payment Options Available?

Basically all legitimate payment options are welcome, including but not limited to T/T, Paypal, M/T, Payoneer, Western Union, Alibaba, etc.

6.Can you Assist with Customs Clearance and Arrange for the Delivery of Goods from the Port to Designated Warehouse or Directly to Consumers?

Absolutely. We provide comprehensive one-stop hassle-free cargo delivery assistance, including direct-to-consumer delivery, door-to-door delivery, comprehensive e-commerce port-to-door logistics, import declarations, etc., without you having to step in and do a thing.

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