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Amazon FBA inbound outer box size limit?

2024-05-28 18:08:36

Amazon FBA inbound outer box size limit?

FBA goods packaging, you need to use a square hard cardboard box

FBA requires the outer box to paste the national label, the size of the national label is a square with a side length of 100px. Generally, the national label is pasted on the upper right corner of the narrow side of each carton.

FBA label: FBA labelI is the identification of the outer carton of the goods confirmed by Amazon warehouse upon receipt of goods, which is composed of FBA information and code 128 barcode.

Made in China Label: For exporting to USA&South America&Europe, the Made in China label must be attached on the outer box and each product, otherwise it will be detained and returned by the local customs.

Product SKU code: The SKU code of a product is the only identification of a type - a model and a size product, Amazon recognises the code but not the goods. If Amazon FBA found that you posted the wrong SKU code, he will help you replace a lot more expensive 6, overweight standard, battery label: Amazon regulations, a single box of parcels can not exceed 30kg! There is also a claim that a single box of parcels can not exceed 15kg, but 1 5kg is amazon's recommended standard.

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