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How many days does it take to ship from Yiwu to Mexico?

2024-05-13 18:30:48

How many days does it take to ship from Yiwu to Mexico?

With the continuous development of globalisation, Yiwu, as a globally famous distribution centre for small commodities, is trading more and more frequently with Mexico. Shipping as an affordable, carrying capacity of the transport mode, in the trade between Yiwu and Mexico plays an important role. So, from Yiwu to Mexico shipping line exactly how long it takes?

First, the route overview

Shipping line from Yiwu, usually choose to go through Ningbo, Shanghai and other ports on the east coast of China for transit, and then across the vast Pacific Ocean, and ultimately arrived in Mexico's major ports. Mexico has a number of important seaports, such as Manzanillo, Veracruz, etc., these ports are important gateway for Yiwu commodities to enter the Mexican market.

Second, the voyage time

Due to the special nature of ocean transport, the voyage time is affected by a variety of factors, including the type of ship, route distance, ocean climate, port congestion. Generally speaking, the voyage time from Yiwu to Mexico is roughly between 20 and 30 days.

Specifically, if a vessel departs from Ningbo or Shanghai and travels directly to a port in Mexico, the voyage time may be relatively short, around 20 days. However, if the ship needs to transit in other ports, or encounters poor marine climate, port congestion, etc., the voyage time may be extended to 30 days or longer accordingly.

III. Influencing Factors

1. Ship type

Different types of ships have differences in sailing speed and carrying capacity, which will also affect the voyage time.

2、Route distance

The longer the route distance, the longer the voyage time will increase accordingly.

3、Marine climate

Marine climate has an important impact on the speed and safety of the ship. Bad weather conditions may cause the ship to slow down or go around, thus increasing the voyage time.

4. Port Congestion

Some major ports in Mexico may be congested during the busy season, which may lead to an increase in the waiting time for the ship in the port, thus prolonging the voyage time.


From Yiwu to Mexico shipping line voyage time is roughly between 20 to 30 days, but the specific time will be affected by a variety of factors. For the need for international trade business, understanding the voyage time and its impact on the factors is very important, which helps them to better arrange the production of goods and transport plans to ensure that the goods can reach the destination on time. At the same time, choosing an experienced logistics company with quality service is also key to ensuring safe and efficient transport of goods.

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